Monday, January 03, 2005

Silicone bakeware and lions, elephants and bears

Yesterday we took our 20% off coupons to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a few things. They let us use five coupons, believe it or not, so we bought a few small nice things for the house. I got a red silicone bakeware Angel Food Cake pan, and used it to make a cake last night. The baking part went fine, and the cake is beautiful, but they say that the pans are just wipe-off easy-clean, and I have found that not to be true. The pan this morning is dark in the bottom edges and on one spot on the top, and is resisting my efforts to get it clean, and I'm not very happy about that. Hopefully a little more soaking will do the trick, but they caution against using abrasives. Somehow I thought the pan would stay new looking for a long time, but I only used it once doesn't look new anymore.

After a long weekend, and even an extra day thrown in, still there are things that we didn't get accomplished here at the house. All the Santas are still in a row, and we didn't get much packed up, which leaves us with a job to do tonight. The dreaded cleaners (just kidding) come tomorrow, and somehow it is always a rush to get things put away before they arrive. Maybe someday we will get used to this.

We watched almost three hours of Discovery channel last night. First a show on lions, (called Spy in the Den)then one on elephants (called Spy in the Herd) and then the last one till almost 11 p.m. on bears. They shot the film using several robo-cams, cameras mounted on wheels or devices, that allowed them to shoot pictures from inches away from the animals. The elephant camera was camoflaged to look like a pile of dung, and the polar bear camera like an ice mound, etc. At one point the elephants picked up the small round rock-shaped camera with their trunks and walked around filming their families themselves. It was a great series and we really enjoyed it. The whole evening started with a power outtage, and when the house lights came on about 15 minutes later, we were rolled up in a blanket on the couch with all the candles going. The TV came on to this program, and we liked it so much we didn't see any point in moving. Hence, the housework did not get done, but we had a lovely evening.

I hope you have a lovely morning as well. The forecast here in Boston is for mostly rain the next 7 days. Lately we have not had many sunny days, so I'm hoping!

Have a good day.