Thursday, January 06, 2005

The children are happy

We are having a snow "event" in Boston today, the weather channel says. Sometimes the word "event" is really overused I think. One of my new year's rsolutions is not to use that word ever. A snow and ice "event" has crossed the nation and come right to us, and we are expecting four to eight inches of snow, maybe some ice on top of that, and then rain. Sounds wonderful. Normally I would not be bothered but today I have volunteered to take my friend into Boston for a doctor visit and it is an important one, so we will be slipping and sliding our way there--not matter what.

All the schools are closed. This storm has been expected for several days, so we all had a good chance to figure out what to do and how we would manage. I would normally take my time to get to work and huddle in my office and wait for it to pass, but today I will be out in it. [Update: I'm here at the office and the roads were not bad at all. After living in Minneapolis and Chicago, this is nothing!][update on the update: it is 4:00 p.m., there is a lot of slush and icy patches on the roads and I am happy to be home from work early and safe.]

My mother, who lives in Oklahoma, was iced-in yesterday by the same storm that we are dealing with today. She was unable to open her front door at first because of the ice. I called her to make sure that she would not try to go to her regular hair appointment and bridge game, and she said that the senior center called to tell her to stay put. I'm glad she listens to them, because she often doesn't listen to me. Being ninety-five years old gives you a lot of rights about making your own decisions. She lives in her own home, pays her own bills, takes care of her own cooking, and lives the way she wants to. She has a large circle of friends who all go to the senior center and she is a cracker-jack card player. She is a wonderful lady, very strong and resolute and funny.

Have a safe day everyone and I'll see you tomorrow.