Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Light but no heat

The sun is bright today, but the temperature will not get above 4. That is a low number and means that my bottle of water in the car is frozen solid. As a knitter I welcome the cold because it means that I can wear one of my home-made Lopi sweaters. I'm late with this blog entry today, so I will have to take a picture for you tonight and post it. One year, when I lived in New Hampshire, I met a woman who owned a yarn shop and she and I became best friends. With her help, I learned lot about knitting and bought a lot of yarn from her store. Lopi yarn is Icelandic wool and makes wonderful fluffy warm sweaters. The problem is that they are so warm there are not many days when you can wear them. My office is kept too warm for such a sweater, so they don't see much use. I made about four of them, and have them nestled in their bin with the lavendar packet to keep away the munchy critters.

Here's hoping that Michael has a great time in California and that the weather is beautiful and warm. Have fun Michael!!!

See you tomorrow.