Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Aviator

We went to see the movie The Aviator about Howard Hughes last night. I really enjoyed it and although it was very stylized, I thought it was great fun to see the beautiful airplanes, the beautiful women, and to learn a little more about what life must have been like for that era in Hollywood. Even though they talk about Howard Hughes wasting millions on movies and planes, it is interesting to note from his biography that when he died he was worth 2 billion dollars.

Even the music was good. Howard Hughes dips into insanity and comes back out again, to outsmart and outspend everyone else. Lucky for us, they did not dwell on the end of his life, which I didn't want to know any more about. George went to see it because of the airplanes of course, and was telling me more about them as we drove home. I was taken with how beautiful Kate Beckinsale was in this role. She is really a knock out, and far prettier than Ava Gardner ever was. All the actors were great, the script was perfect, and the whole thing just came together. Cate Blanchett did a good job of trying to be Katherine Hepburn (and got great reviews), but for me, she came off a little phoney, but I suppose she had to try. I thought it was very entertaining and fun to see, and I'd recommend it. I'm putting in a picture of "Ava".

A snow storm is on the way and I have a 10:00 appointment that I really don't want to cancel. Get out the sled dogs.

Have a wonderful Saturday.