Friday, January 07, 2005

Oops another scarf needed

Yesterday I went into the coffee shop Cafe Rossini, where we sometimes stop for a cup of especially good coffee and the lady who owns it saw the scarf I was wearing. It was a snowy day and this scarf is one of my "kookie" scarves, a full, long one in three colors, white, blue and one block of lime green at the end. I was pretty sure when I made it that I would be the only one who would like it. Lola, who owns the shop, flipped out over this scarf. She asked me to make her one in black and red and maybe white, or whatever my "artistic sense" called for. She asked how much. Knowing that I was low-balling myself, I said, "$25.00." That would just about cover the cost of the yarn, since this one is made with two stands held together and takes at least 5 skeins. She said, "oh no, I'll give you $50.00 for it."

I told my friend later that she got my attention right away and I was ready to run to the yarn store. I said, "I'd knit all night for $50", and he laughed. So I'm off to buy more yarn in black and red to begin her scarf tonight. She said there was no hurry. I said that I would have it next week. As we left the store, I heard her talking about selling my scarves to all her friends, or putting them up in the shop, etc. She was really excited.

I'm going to mix the black and the red together for a block on the end, and I think that will sastisfy her urge for creativity. Maybe I will mix one block with white too. She used to work for the Cirque du Soleil and is an artist and loves color. I'm always happy to see her when I'm there since she is definately one of a kind.

I hope I can make her a beautiful scarf that is one of a kind as well.