Sunday, January 23, 2005

snow day = cooking

George has just left the house to make his way through waist high drifts to get to the snowblower in the garage. We decided that to try to shovel off the porches and get the snowblower out would be the first step before coming in to rest. Tackled one square yard at a time, we might be able to get out some day soon. The snow drifts are completely covering my car, which has a large aerodynamic-looking drift of snow on the hood like a ski racer's helmet. The snow is the back yard is the same height as the deck, which means over four feet high because of the drifts.

We are both a little stir-crazy already. I made chili for today so we can eat it while watching the football games, and I made this pecan streusal bundt cake. Unfrosted it looks pretty plain, but I will put a brown sugar pecan frosting on it later.

The kids are starting to venture out to sled on the dead end street in front of our house. There is a big mountain of snow for them to sled on and no school for the next two days at least. The temperature is 10 degrees and the wind gusts are over 40 mph.

George is back out there battling the elements right now after a long break for hot chocolate and a nap.