Thursday, January 20, 2005

Getting ready to get ready

The best news is that Michael had a good trip and that he is on the way home from California today. I rested a little easier last night knowing that he was fine and had enjoyed the whole experence. Not that I was worried at all, just....happy he is fine. The weather there was just about the same as Jamaica, warm and sunny in the high 70s. I don't even know what that feels like.

It has snowed about 3" and I am going to have to go shovel out this morning. Next week at this time I will be leaving to go to Oklahoma to visit my mother. My niece and her two children are now staying with mom for a little while. I'm a little nervous about having such a housefull. It will be an adventure.

I will be Godmother to my grand-niece Alyssa at her Christening while I'm there. I'm looking forward to spending some time with the baby and her brother, my little buddie Devin, a precocious four-year-old who is a very bright and fun-loving little boy. Mom says she wants me to take her shopping at Burlington Coat Factory for a new coat and she wants me to come to the senior center to play cards with her friends. I guess I'm senior enough to do that and it sounds like fun. I will be there for nine days. To blog or check my email, I have to go to the El Reno Jr. College there and use their computers. I will do that every day and will be happy to get out for a little while I think. I have to admit to a little trepidation, but I'm sure things will be fine. Small town Oklahoma is rather interesting actually--certainly a break from the routine. And they have the best hamburgers with fried onions in the world at a tiny place called Johnny's.

Oh well, time to log out. I'm off to the wild white yonder to brush snow and scrape the ice off my car.

Have a warm, sunny day, y'all.