Saturday, January 22, 2005

Grocery hysterics

George and I just got back from a shopping trip to get a few things so we can make chili. What a horror show. The first store was so crowded, that once I got the cart into the back of the store, I saw they had people and carts lined up and were making one long line that would snake around to filter into the smaller lines. There were about 50 carts in line. The giveaway was that there were no empty shopping carts to be had outside the store---they were all inside filled to the brim!

The manager on the noisy intercom was saying "this is just like Disneyworld...line up in the back or take a number...." or something like that. He was trying to make light of the bad situation, but it was just confusion. I saw that I was not going to get into that long line for about five things...and tried to get out. The store was so crowded I had trouble getting my cart through the aisles. George said later that I freaked out. I don't think that is entirely true, but I did say something about the fact that if someone jokingly shouted "fire" we would have all died back there. It was just a mass grocery hysteria. I'd starve before I'd get into that long line!

We dropped off two cakes at church, made a small pot of coffee, and left a sign saying "cake and coffee for coffee hour". People can help themselves. We have made the decision not to even try to get there tomorrow.

All this and the first snowflake has yet to fall. I'm exhausted from the effort. But now we rest, make some chili, eat some chips, knit, play board games, watch movies and blog about the weather until Monday morning.

I, for one, am not going out there again!