Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snowed in

We are hunkered down and snowed in like millions of other people on the East Coast. They were right when they said that this storm packed a wallop. I'm sure we have at least 15" here, and more on the way. It is snowing heavily and they say it is going to continue all day. No point in shoveling. George is making cinnamon rolls and I am enjoying my Senseo coffee. Many churches are closed and if they aren't, they should be. Traveling is really dangerous.

I finished the long pink scarf while watching a favorite movie last night. It looks like a ballerina boa. I would love to wear it, but I'm afraid to, since it doesn't really look my age. Oh I hate that. I should wear whatever I want to wear! I love to think about just pulling out all the stops and let good taste be damned.

While I'm admitting things, I will say what movie we were watching. George and I have seen it several times, and it is our personal "cult" movie. That means we know it is a lousy movie, but we like it anyway. Jurassic Park III. There, the secret is out. The plane crash scene in the first part always gets us. Even though the plane goes into the trees, no one gets hurt, and then it falls hundreds of feet to the ground, and still no one gets hurt. They are chased and caught by dinosaurs and no one gets hurt. That's my kind of movie. No matter what happens, no one gets hurt! Yeah!

We are having a snow day! The paperboy will get a big tip because somehow he managed to get through with the Sunday Globe.

Be safe. Updates to follow.