Saturday, January 15, 2005

Patriots fever

The Patriots are in the play-offs, playing the Colts tomorrow at 4:45 p.m our time. Everyone is excited around here. On emails that I receive at work, it says, "Go Pats" at the bottom. People are hopeful, excited, and amazed that we once again have a chance at a huge celebration where we can set fires, turn over cars and rip apart goal posts. Woohoo. Actually, that is mean. I'm excited too. Football is not my favorite sport, but it is fun when teams work hard and play well and George loves it so much it is fun to sit and watch him pay such close attention. His son played football in college, and they both know a lot more than I do. So, everone will be glued to their TVs tomorrow afternoon, and they even cancelled a church meeting of the executive council because of the football game. I'll pop some popcorn, make some salsa, set out the doritos, grab my knitting and enjoy the show!

I just pretended I was a sportscaster interviewing George and I asked, "George, how to you feel about the football game tomorrow." He answered, "I'm scared to death over it. So scared I'm not going to watch."

That typlifies the average sports fan in Boston. We didn't really BELIEVE that the Sox could win the World Series, and we won't believe that the Pats can win the Super Bowl until that ball goes over the line and the clock runs out.

The SUN IS SHINING, the snow is all melted, and we have a three day holiday. Now, GO PATS!!!