Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blizzard on the way

Everyone here is talking about two things. The Patriots game on Sunday and a massive snow storm that is expected this afternoon. People are stocking up at the grocery stores and talking about 24" of snow expected. They added to that a forecast for 50 mile an hour wind gusts. Golly. Usually I am rather pesimistic about all these dire warnings, but I'm off to the grocery store right now to buy stuff to make chili. They say that because we are near the ocean, that the snow in the midwest will be increased by the moist air once it gets here. Who knows.

To add to our worries, George and I are coffee hosts at church tomorrow and that is exactly the time when the snow is supposed to have piled up in high drifts. Whether we can get out to church will depend on the snowplows. Our church is at the top of a hill, so that will have to be plowed too, or nobody goes nowhere. Today we are going to take the cake and set up the coffee and have it all ready there in case we don't make it but someone else does. One Sunday a few winters ago, only 8 people made it to a service when we usually have at least 150 people.

The Patriots play the Steelers in the playoffs tomorrow afternoon. The nachos are flying off the shelves. I'm going to watch too, and try to get some knitting done. My friend wants a pink scarf, so...I'm back to scarves one more time.

The weather is freezing cold and never got above 4 degrees yesterday. Hats were a must and I saw a lot of them, unusual for Boston. We had intended to visit a large outdoor outlet mall today but decided we would freeze our patooties off if we went there. Last night we went to dinner and almost froze from the door of the car to the door of the restaurant, and had to keep our coats on through most of dinner because of the cold air coming in through the cracks by the big windows. I decided right then and there that I am too old for this, and if it might be time to look for a vacation condo in Louisiana.

Time to start packing for Oklahoma. I leave on Thursday morning. Mom says it was so warm there yesterday they had the baby out sitting on the grass in the back yard. I know one big baby that would enjoy that too right now.

See you tomorrow with the big snow report. Eeeek.