Monday, January 24, 2005

High walls of snow

I ventured out this morning. My car is now all shoveled out and snowless. Backing out was a bit tricky because there is only a car width opening in the snow to the street, but all that went fine. I went to the ATM as an excuse to be out, I really didn't need anything. The streets are shoveled flat and the roads are only wide enough for two cars to squeak by each other. The walks and side streets are like tunnels of varying widths. The sun is shining bright and folks are starting to venture forth. I didn't see any snowplows out, so I think the drivers are all back inside sleeping, after working 36 hours.

Frankly, I didn't see anything out there that I needed, so I came back in to knit, read, and surf the net. Maybe I'll join Thunder on the couch for a nap.

Take care.