Monday, January 24, 2005

Some snow!

I just looked at these pictures of Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, the city where I work near Boston. I'm home today because work was cancelled, and these pictures show why. I had a meeting scheduled in Cambridge at 4:30 today and it is cancelled because there would be no place to park and the walking would be treacherous. On TV they are showing homes on the coast that are encrusted with ice from the sea splash, and some people have several feet of ocean in their basements. Having a house on the coast is nice in the summer but they are really suffering now. Some people will lose their homes.

Things are almost too calm here. I am going to get my car out and drive it around some today to get the ice knocked off. It seems really strange to have another day off, and I don't remember ever having any boss call me to tell me to stay home tomorrow. That was a first.

In two days I leave for Oklahoma, where the weather is balmy. My suitcase is packed and I'm almost ready to walk out the door early Thursday morning. Packing is something I have to give a lot of thought to because I have a really bad habit of packing too much, and my suitcase gets so heavy I can't lift it. Never again! It is a New Year's resolution to travel light and laugh more. I have a little pin that I bought at a craft fair that says those exact same words. But I can't take it because I'm traveling light.

See you soon.