Wednesday, January 05, 2005

12th day of Christmas

The tree is still up, but will come down tonight. I like our artificial tree--no fuss, no muss, no water on the floor, and no messy needles--and no worry about having to take it down at a certain time. A friend told me that her tree died before Christmas and dried out so badly that the ornaments were falling off, and she was expecting to host her family for Christmas Eve dinner that night. They undecorated that tree, threw it out, bought a new one, and put up a second Christmas tree! That is the first time I ever heard about that. But I do remember having real trees go so dry that the ends of the branches turned downward. That is a dry tree! There is a downside to starting Christmas on Thanksgiving Day I think.

A small thing that makes me happy is my new bundt cake keeper that I bought online before Christmas for $20 including shipping. It makes taking a bundt cake to church really easy. Bundt cake is one of my new favorite things to make...simple, delicious, and a thousand ways to make it different. Cinnamon streusal is my favorite right now, but I also made a sour cream blueberry that was really good.

The snow is falling, and there is a slow and icy conditions predicted for tomorrow. Several airlines are offering really low fares right now. George and I were wishing we could hop on a $50 one way flight to Florida just about now. We'll see.

Have a nice, slow, day. Keep the faith.