Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Biscotti to go

I have a tradition. When I go to Oklahoma, I take these biscotti on the plane with me to have as my snack. My friend Lola, who owns the Italian coffee shop, makes them from scratch. They don't have anything like this in Oklahoma! They are filled with pine nuts and dried cranberries and are really delicious. The fragment of one is testament to the fact that I couldn't get home with all three, but had to chip away at one tonight in the car. It took all my willpower to leave that bit, so don't laugh. Other people have their lucky rabbits foot, I have my lucky biscotti. Hopefully these will be lucky enough to see me out of Boston in time to make my connection tomorrow in Chicago. Traveling is so dicey these days. Especially since we have a fresh 5" of snow blowing around Boston today.

This is my last blog until I get to Oklahoma. I'm up with the birdies tomorrow and outta here as the crow flies. I found out today that my lovely niece has a computer at my mom's house, so I may even be able to write my blog from there, which would be wonderful--no more traveling to the local junior college for emails. I have my trunks packed and the kitchen sink fit just fine. I'm sure the curbside valet will be happy to see me.

Have a good day, and I will have a good trip. Promise.