Saturday, April 23, 2005

Up with the birdies

I'm up early this morning, waiting for the rain to start. It is going to be rainy all weekend, and I have all kinds of projects lined up for myself. I am going to put away all the winter woolens and take them to the storage unit. Since I am a one person knitting machine, I have a lot of wooly things to put away. I pack them in lavender sachets, having learned long ago that mothballs are way too smelly. I have the guest room bed piled high with shawls, scarves, and sweaters, and all that has to be moved because we are having company next weekend. It was a long winter and I'm looking forward to putting these things away and getting out the flipflops and the straw bags.

We are going to go see the movie The Interpreter today. I'm not really sure it is going to be that good, but we are anxious to have some popcorn and sit down to a movie and there hasn't been anything around worth going to for a long time. Not since "Shultze Gets The Blues" anyway. I'm probably only one of a hundred people who really loved that movie.

The trees and flowers need the rain, and I don't mind a rainy weekend once in awhile so you can snuggle in and get some things done. I have beads in candy colors to make earrings, and I'm looking forward to some time at the dining room table to do that. Next weekend is the open stuio when I will sell my earrings and scarves and I need to get ready.

There's also a big sale at Macy's today and I'm going shopping for a Mothers Day present to take to Oklahoma with me in two weeks.

Have a wonderful Saturday.