Thursday, April 14, 2005


A new knitting, crocheting and beading store opened last week--right in the building where I work. It is a beautiful two story facility with conference rooms with big tables and chairs where you can work. These pictures don't even show the half of it. It is a beautiful, comfortable space and the owners are very friendly. They sell yarn, supplies, beads and books, as well as other things I haven't had time to see yet. They have TV in the rooms, and shelves of craft books and magazines that you can read without buying them. The downstairs has work rooms and yarn for sale. For $50 I bought a three-month membership (which I can extend to a year) so I can use the facilities at any time, taking my own projects and working on them at their big tables in their well-lighted rooms. They offer all kinds of classes. I have never heard of a "membership" store before, but my friend tells me that beading clubs are all over the country, but just not here in Boston yet.

The really amazing thing is that this place is located down the hall from my office, with a storefront on the street on the opposite end of the building. It is like a little piece of heaven came and landed in my lap!

All I have done there so far is bought some beads and made a few pair of earrings, and today I will go in to start another project. I haven't been knitting anything after I finished the eight pair of booties, and I'm ready for some new ideas. Along with my membership I get a free class of my choice, and will either take one in crochet, or one in beaded necklaces. They also have a huge scrapbooking section, but that is something that I am not as interested in...but who knows. With all that at my fingertips, maybe I'll give that a try too.

So, if you want to know where I am at lunchtime, I'll be at Sparks, working on one project or another and enjoying the heck out of myself. Three cheers for an awesome new idea for us crafters!

Have a great day.