Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The bead store

George and I went on a lunchtime outing yesterday and he stayed in the car while I ran into the bead store in Harvard Square. It is always amazing how small a bag you walk out with after spending $40.

Last night I made earrings. I guess it was a "high-fashion" kind of night, because the ones I did ended up long and sparkly. After the bead store, George and I went to a new Star Market, where they have a big salad bar for $3.25 a pound, which is about half of what we usually pay at Wild Oats. Our plan is to bring our lawn chairs and have little lunch picnics in the park near the store now that the weather is warming up. His office is about 10 minutes from my office. It is nice to get out, and specially nice to have someone special to go out with.

Spring is here. It is going to be 61 degrees here today. Everyone is out and about. I'm going to take a long walk down the bike path next to my office at lunchtime. Weight Watchers isn't going so well, and I know it is because I have not gotten enough exercise. Frankly, the pineapple cupcakes didn't do me any favors either. Yes, they were one point each, but there were 24 of the darn things. Oh well, no where to go but...down.

Have a nice warm day.