Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dinner Party

Tonight is a church progressive dinner, where people start at one house for appetizers, then move on to another home for dinner, and then on to a third house where the whole group finally congregates for dessert. We are hosting one of the dinners. I need to give more dinner parties, to get into practice.

We are having salmon steaks marinated with soy and maple syrup, tarragon chicken breasts (one of our guests does not eat fish), wild rice with pecans and dried cranberries, steamed broccoli, juilienned carrots and a guest is bringing a salad. The meal sounds simple to make and the only trick will be to leave our house to go to the appetizer course and then rush back here to put the salmon in the oven and have it ready by the time the guests arrive. I will make the veggies and the rice ahead of time, and just reheat them a little in the oven. I also bought snowflake bakery rolls which I will serve with real butter.

Sounds good to me. George is going to make chocolate chip cookies today, and we have ice cream, just in case folks want to stay here and not leave for the next place. I'm not sure if we will go or not. There is church tomorrow, and I'm playing in the bells, so I want to feel good and be sharp in the morning.

A full day of preparations here. Like I said, I need to do this more often!

Have a wonderful Saturday.