Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Daylight savings

Daylight savings makes me feel like I've been beaten with a stick. I am a creature of habit and waking up one hour earlier and trying to act like that is normal just makes me tired and grumpy. My body longs for the old routine. Yesterday I thought, what is the use of having an extra hour of sunlight in the evening when all you want to do is go to bed.

On Saturday I am making a lasagna dinner for a children's program at our church. It is an afternoon of crafts and singing and the dinner is my job. I volunteered months ago. There will be 18 kids and 16 adults I heard yesterday. The menu is lasagna, salad, bowtie pasta and sauce for kids who do not eat lasagna, Italian bread and butter, milk and juice and hoodsies with cookies. They are paying for the ingredients, and George and I like making lasagnas together. We will set up a little lasagna assembly line in the kitchen on Saturday morning. The only hard part is transfering all the food from the car to the church kitchen, and George will help with that.

Right now, I just want to go sleep on it.

Have a good day.