Saturday, April 02, 2005

A good weekend to stay home and be quiet for a change

It is going to rain all weekend and I don't care. Seems like a good weekend to stay home. I'm up early again this morning, as I usually am on Saturday. I like to light a candle in the den, and wait for the world to wake up. I have lots of things that I want to do this weekend. I will read a book, start knitting a blue sweater, and maybe go to the bead store and make a couple of pair of long dangly sparkly earrings.

George and I went to the April Fool's Dance for the parents and kids in the church's after-school club last night and served pizza and sodas and cookies to a host of hungry, excited children. The dance was noisy and a little wild, and I was happy to be home again. Maybe the kids are younger and I'm older...who knows. That will probably be the last time we volunteer for that particular duty. George gets roped into a lot of volunteer stuff that I stick my hand up for...and he is always nice about it, but I'm sure it wasn't his favorite thing to do on a Friday evening either. He put on a nice face for the kids and we even danced one dance. It was not a complete bust. Beats working.

I made plans to visit my mother in Oklahoma for a long weekend on May 7th. After making the reservations, I looked again at my calendar and realized that is Mothers Day. How appropriate, and how silly of me not to notice that earlier. Oh well. The flight cost $203, which is about half the price they usually are, but the car rental at Enterprise went up in cost from $15 a day to $21 a day. The whole trip will cost about $300 for four days and is well worth it. I'm happy I made the arrangements and mom sounded happy too. At 95, she is doing well and was going out to play bridge yesterday afternoon.

George and I are planning to go to the movies today, probably to see Sin City. Maybe a little violent for us, but we'll keep and open mind and give it a try. It got four stars from Ebert, Mike says. The other movie I was to see is Shultz Gets the Blues, a German film about an accordian player whose life is changed by Cajun music. It is playing at the tiny Harvard Square theater and sounds like one I would like. I like to search for the films that get great reviews but are not the blockbusters. Again, George is a prince and goes along with my movie choices.

God is good, and thank God it's Saturday. Enjoy the day.