Monday, April 11, 2005

Crazy Monday

We have our morning today mapped out with several twists and turns. George needs to take his car in because the radiator is leaking, and we need to get a cartridge for the printer so I can print out my form and send the money to the state for taxes. George has to go to the dentist this morning, and I am going to to go in late to work so that I can take him there--if the man can fix the car this morning. It is confusing. I'm going to stay low and just see how things turn out.

Michael warned us about this, and it seems that it is impossible to NOT leave the digital camera plugged in to the computer when blogging, which runs down the batteries. I guess I get so excited about blogging the pictures, that I forget to unplug it every time. It wastes four batteries every time I do this. We now have made a new rule around my chronic forgetfulness--only rechargable batteries in the camera.

The weekend was fine: a very successful lasagna dinner at church, a long nap for me on Sunday, and my taxes are done.

Have a great Monday.