Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shultze Gets The Blues

We went to Harvard Square yesterday to see the movie Shultze Gets The Blues. It is about a retired miner in Germany, who plays the accordian and is well liked in his little world. One night he is home alone and turns on the radio and hears a piece of Zydeco music. It changes his life. From then on, he doesn't want to play the polka any more and his friend and his music club are amazed at this. He gets up at the music club event and his polka quickly morphs into Zydeco.

His club takes up a collection to send him to Texas to a polka contest in the German community of New Braunfels. He takes his accordian to the stage, but can't play the polka. He wants to play Zydeco. He buys a delapidated little blue fishing boat and travels through the Bayous to Lousiana, meeting folks and going to a Cajun dance club, and then on to meet a family and go to a Zydeco club.

The movie is in German with subtitles, and requires patience, but it unfolds at a pace that reflects the pace of Shultze's life. It reminded me of my quest to hear Cajun music when I went to New Orleans, a search that has led us on two trips to Lafayette, Breaux Bridge and Eunice, Louisiana, and surrounding Cajun communities. I heard Cajun music for the first time, just like when Shultze heard Zydeco, and had to know more.

The afternoon did not come cheap. Parking in Harvard Square cost $20 and the movie cost $18.50. After we left, we stopped at the nearby Border Cafe and had empanadas with corn and beans, and that cost another $30. No wonder we don't hang out in Harvard Square very often.

It is still gray and rainy today and I have decided to not go to church but stay home and have a little time to myself. George is meeting his son and daughter-in-law at our church and will take them out to lunch. After the delicious lunch yesterday, and having two pineapple cupcakes when we got home, I am cut off of goodies today.

Enjoy the day.