Wednesday, April 20, 2005

88 degrees!

Today the forecast is for 88 degrees! That's too hot! Oh well, spring always seems to bring some surprises. This picture is my earrings which I will put onto pretty cards and sell at the craft studio next weekend, April 30th and May 1st. The new studio will be featured on a local show called Chronicle tonight. I stopped in yesterday and they said they have received hundreds of emails asking about it. I think they are going to be a huge success--which is a good thing indeed.

Yesterday George and I went out at lunchtime to a church in Newton to pick up a donation of silverware for the shelter, and I'm really glad I asked him along. We wound around the tightly packed streets near the Pike, and I would have been one lost duck had he not come with me. After that I had a long dentist appointment, and have made plans to add veneers to some of my teeth to "accentuate" my smile. I also am going to be bleaching for the next two weeks. Amazing what technology allows us to do now. Actually, having that done has been something the dentist and I have wanted to do for awhile, but right now, my insurance will pay for most of it--so away we go. By the end of June, I will have perfect and perfectly white teeth. It's a big step, but...if not now, when?

It is Spring vacation week here, so the traffic is light, and about half of the people at my weight watcher meeting last night were missing. My weight stayed the same last week, with all the food surrounding the progressive dinner and the delicious leftovers and the dessert party, etc., and I have to stay out of those delicious oatmeal cookies that George made. [I gave the last of them away to my friend at work this morning.] I'm already way down on the scale today...the day after the weigh-in, of course, wouldn't you know. This week I'm really going to eat small and light, and march on to my goal. Another day another salad.

Have a great day.