Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Home Alone

George was home alone yesterday. He got lots of exercise and got into a little mischief too. We took his car to the shop and I drove him from there to the dentist, but he had to walk home the 3 miles and then walk it again to pick up the car in the afternoon. After that he went to BJ's and got paper towels and this HUGE bag of chocolate chips. I laughed right out loud when I saw it. It is 3 lbs. 12 oz. of chips for his cookies. That is a LOT of cookies! He also did his taxes in the afternoon, and when I got home there were papers strewn about the den as if we had a pack of puppies in the place. Anyway, today is back to normal and George is safely back at his desk at work.

This is an especially long week for me, since we do not have internet access at my office until the technicians arrive to set us up with the new server. I'm the one in the office who is the most hooked to having the web at my fingertips and without it, I'm adrift. We have one computer hooked up to the fax phone line, so I can get my email once or twice a day, and I can surf just a little, but I can hardly get through the day without it. Being there is not nearly as much fun.

My first job was receptionist in an ad agency in Minneapolis, and I actually sat at a console with black earphones and used little black plugs to connect people into the phone system. Now, I'm not THAT old! I still remember how long it took to type a letter when you had to use carbon paper and not make any mistakes or you would get a nasty smear trying to correct it. And the mimeograph machine was all full of dark blue powder, which got on your clothes when it was time to change the ink. When I was little, our car air conditioner was a little unit that hung outside the passenger side window and had a little string pull for on and off. I can hardly believe the changes my 95-year-old mother has seen in her life.

Well, time to stop reminiscing and go off to my desk where my computer sits like a giant paperweight.

Have a great Tuesday.