Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool!

When I was a young girl living at home in Oklahoma, on the morning of April 1, my mom would call me from downstairs, "Yvonne, come quick, there is a beautiful blue bird on the lawn". I would run down and race to the window. "April Fools!" The only funny thing was that she did this THREE years in a row and I ran for the window every time. We have laughed about that ever since.
(Update: I just talked to my mom, and she said she played the very same joke on Crystal this morning and it worked! She was so proud.)

George put the snow shovel in the trash this morning, and the truck will take it away in a few minutes. Hurray! Good riddance!

Boston is expecting 2-4 inches of rain this weekend. It is supposed to start tonight and rain hard all day tomorrow and into Sunday. We have a boat in the back yard, but it is a sailboat, so probably won't do us much good this weekend. George checked all the gutters around the house to make sure they are attached correctly, and we are ready for a gully washer. The rivers are high already, and with the melting snow up north and this many inches of rain expected, there are flood warnings.

A good weekend to see a movie. I wish there were more movies I want to see. We are thinking of calling friends from church to see if they want to play Hearts on Saturday night. (I'm reading Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis...and playing Hearts will never be quite the same.) Or maybe we will rent movies and I will start knitting the blue sweater.

I have to hurry to work this morning because I have a tour to give. George and I are the "pizza sellers" at an After School Club dance at church tonight. They have a DJ just for children, and he gets all the children and most of the parents out enjoying themselves on the dance floor and it is fun to watch. No bunny hop for me though, thank you. My bunny hopping days are over.

Enjoy the day.