Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hump Day

We used to call Wednesday "hump day", meaning that you were over the hump and on the way downhill to the weekend. The only thing I have on my calendar today is bell practice tonight, which I have to go to because we are playing on Sunday and I haven't rehearsed the piece at all. As I left the office yesterday, the tech was there working on the computer connection, so maybe we will have the internet this morning. I dare not hope too much. [We got it! Whoohoo.]

I had a great time last night playing EQ with Loral, Inks and Smabik...friends in our guild. We had a good fight in Sshraza Temple, and it was great just to concentrate on the game and let real world slide away for awhile.

A quiet day, so I'll be quiet here too. Have a good day.