Friday, April 22, 2005

A perfect smile :-)

Today I went to the dentist office before work to pick up the bleaching kit for my teeth. Another day, another $200--and that is half price--because of the veneers I have scheduled. The dentist said if I really want to do myself a favor, I would not drink coffee, because that, and red wine, stains the teeth worse than anything. I'm sure that's true. Maybe there is a way to drink coffee through a straw. Just kidding. I will wear these new molds in my mouth for an hour at a time. You inject the bleach solution into the mold and pop them in. You can do it more than one hour a day, but the solution only works for one hour so you have to clean it out and start over. I'm not sure what the final result will be, but the proceedure is a lot different than I thought bleaching would be. I thought you went to the dentist and he bleached your teeth and charged you $300. Turns out it costs more than that, and you basically do it yourself. Oh well.

I'm glad it's Friday. Today is another lovely crisp sunny day, but the weekend forecast is for rain and wind and they mean it. George and I will be going to an auction to benefit a local charity on Saturday, and I am communion assistant at church on Sunday. I will be making earrings this weekend, and also making the "backs", the cards that the earrings will be sold on. I have some groovy paper and my glue gun, and away I go. I'm going to price them to sell, probably $10, since I really just want to move these on out and work on more.

The Zen is in the creation, not in the selling.

Have a great day y'all. Have an extra cup of coffee for me.