Friday, April 29, 2005


The new tulips are in bloom in our yard. It is still cold, so we haven't gotten the yard all cleaned up yet and ready for summer. George and I buy tulips in the fall and plant new ones every year. We read the label and look closely at the pictures, but in the spring it is always a big surprise. These yellowish orange ones are high and healthy, and the white ones we planted at the church are also the big ones. In the front of the house, we have smaller, more delicate tulips in red and yellow. We planted them one very cold night last fall, and we didn't make a big fuss about which ones went where, we just plunk them in. We will plant more for next year.

I have friday afternoon off because I am going in for a special project on Saturday morning. I really have to use the time to make more earrings today, because the open house studio is tomorrow afternoon. Each seller will get a half of a table, and be able to lay out their goods. I'm not expecting much in the way of sales, but it will be nice to meet other crafters and jewelry makers. I'm selling them for the low price of $12, so we will see.

Have a great day.