Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Beading class

I was able to come home early from work today, and it is a good thing, since it was a busy day and I have a jewelry class tonight. I need to rest up. The housecleaners were here in the morning, like invisible trolls who come in to make things nice and then leave. We hardly ever see them. The night before they come is still frantic--putting things away--but we survive and the next day the house is so clean and smells like furniture wax.

I have a class in knotting for bead stringing. That sounds cumbersome, but you don't knot the beads, but the string, so that is the only way I can say it. I will buy the supplies I need when I get there, whatever that might be. This is my leather box of tools, and it is the first time it has ever left the house. I am bringing along some beads that need restringing, but they may not be the right kind, so I may buy new beads there. The class is three hours and I'm sure it is going to be interesting.

Kitty came over to see what all the commotion was about.

Have a good evening. I'll make a full report on the class tomorrow.