Monday, April 18, 2005

Patriot's Day

It's Patriots Day here in Boston, and almost everybody has the day off. When I first moved here, I thought it was great that we get a day off when the rest of the world has to go to work. And the day falls in the beginning of Spring, when the flowers and leaves are just starting to come out, and when everyone needs a break from the winter doldrums. It was a long winter, and it is great to see the green grass and the leaves budding on the trees. Spring is here--at last! We are so much later than the rest of the country. Oklahoma, where mom is, has had flowers blooming for two months already. George and I went to a ballgame once on Patriots Day, watching the marathoners go by as we walked to Fenway.

Today George goes to work, because his clients do not have the day off. I am going to meet a friend for lunch, put away winter clothes, and just enjoy the day off. The weather this week is going to go as high as 83...and we have opened the windows in the house for the first time since winter. Thunder enjoys sitting in the open window surveying the back yard and watching birds.

Have a great day.