Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Summer is over and winter is here!

Our temperature dropped 30 degrees. Today the wind chill is 46 degrees. It is cold. I have been running around the house closing the windows. Two days ago we were suffering in 90 degree humidity, and today we are wearing sweaters and raincoats. I used to live in Chicago, and the weather there changes every minute, but Boston can boast some pretty wierd weather too.

I am enjoying my leisure time now that the event is over, and I can start concentrating on my two vacations coming soon: visiting Michael and going fishing. Woohoo. The weather will be warm in Washington DC, so I'll need to get out my summer stuff once again. The weather where we go fishing in northern New Hampshire can be gray, rainy and cloudy, or it can be sunny and warm. Best to pack for both.

Flip flop is the fashion in weather as well as footwear these days.