Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a spilled drink can put you right over the edge

When the weather is oppressively hot and humid, nothing seems to go right. George and I are suffering through a hot spell. The kitchen is so warm that when you bring the mayonaise out of the refrigerator, the sweat drips off the jar in a minute. He just spilled his drink in the den, and the soda went all over the table. Eating dinner has become a challenge. Trying to have a good time when the inside of the house is over 80 degrees is just--awful. They say the weather will break by the weekend. We just had a few thundershowers, but they didn't help that much. I hate to go on and on about our discomfort, but gah!

We will live through it I'm sure. The countdown for vacation has begun and we will stay home this Fourth of July weekend to pack, plan, and prepare. Woohoo.

I went outside and took some pictures of the lush flowers enjoying the humidity and rain on the deck. We are giving up on this. We're going out for ice cream!

Have a great evening.