Saturday, June 18, 2005


George and I went to the Sparks open house last evening together. It was fun to meet other crafters, although this one was not so well attended. Afterward we went for out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant near where I work called El Guapo. I had fish tacos and he had a shrimp burrito and it was very good. They had some "through the roof" hot sauce that I loved, but which kept George awake for awhile. Oh well.

I brought my box of 14 necklaces that I have recently made to Sparks for show and tell. They all urged me to sell them, and the owners of Sparks have said that they will be happy to sell them on consignment. Next week I will choose one or two and take them over there. My plan is to have a designer friend of mine set up a website for me to sell crocheted necklaces and earrings. I have to think of what to name it, but my "company" name for designs now is Wildflower Designs and maybe that will be fine.

One idea that I had is to make a picture of different color schemes of beads and accent beads, and then have people special order them. I could use the color wheel as a tool for choosing colors. It takes me about 3 hours to make one, and with the beads, wire and clasps, they should sell for no less than $50 each. A siimpler strand could be $30. I will have to think about how to do this, and maybe talk to Mike about how best to use a web site for this purpose. My friend Diane, the designer, will make it beautiful I'm sure, and it would be an outlet for my creativity. I really love making them and I certainly don't need to wear them all. Although I am learning with each one, and the ones I sell will not have any flaws at all. Learning how to wirewrap all the strands of wire so they don't come loose at the clasp has been an important lesson. Nothing is worse than having little wire ends poking you in the neck at the clasp. I've learned how to finish the edge with a drop of super glue, which holds those tiny wires in their place.

A quiet Saturday here and just what I need. George is off to the flying field to nail down the new rug that they use for takeoffs and landings. He is happy there, and I am happy here, having a quiet morning with kitty, thinking about my next necklace.

Have a great day.