Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday eve

I had a good day at work today, keeping busy and enjoying the pretty day by taking several short walks to the mail box, and around the block. The weather was glorious. Tonight George and I went to the pizza party for the after school club at church, and then went to Kohl's for a set of new sheets. We have company coming next week and decided to have something extra nice for the guest bedroom.

Tonight I watched silly stuff on TV and made this blue necklace. Last night I used some antique coral beads and new turquoise sparkly beads, and combined them for another rather dramatic necklace. I'm getting my technique down, and am much more sure of myself now about the placement of beads and length. Getting the length of each strand the same is trickly and I keep my yardstick close by my side as I crochet.

Addictive? Yep. I've made about 9 necklaces and have a lot more ideas for more. Tonight we stopped by a bead store in Winchester and I bought two strands of green jade beads. Today I bought some black and white ones at Sparks. It is just too much fun to stop now.

Saturday morning we are going to fly George's model airplane in the morning out at the flying field in the salt marsh and get some plants at Lowes and then off to a fancy dinner tomorrow night. I'm going to wear the amathyst and crystal necklace I made with my new evening jacket. I am looking forward to dressing up some and going out with George's friends and their wives. I need to figure out a way to sell these crocheted wire necklaces I think. But I love each one and look forward to wearing them.

Have a great Saturday!