Friday, June 24, 2005

passwords, gah

I almost forgot my password to my blogger account. Amazing how many passwords I have and what kind of mental telepathy is involved in remembering the right one. Seems silly to have them all written down someplace. I think I do have such a list, but I've forgotten where I put it.

The flight from Manchester, NH was great and almost on time. Thank you US AIR. I passed directly over Providence, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore as well as had a great view of the monuments and capitol at Washington DC as we circled slowly over to the airport. It was a beatiful view right up the Eastern seaboard. The plane was not crowded and I had three seats all to myself, a delicious cup of coffee with real half and half, and a nice tidy bag of pretzels. Some days you just gotta be grateful.

Michael is here with me and we are having a great time. We went to dinner at Hops last night and came home to play Everquest together. It was late by the time we decided to call it a night and I had the pleasure of sleeping until nine this morning. A rare treat. Today we are going to Beadazzled in Tyson's Corner Mall in McLean, VA, and I am going to buy some beads and clasps. It is a huge store that I have been to once before and I'm looking forward to a new haul of beads.

The weather is abundantly sunny and nice and I'm going to enjoy the day! Mike wants to find a Korean restaurant because now I have him turned on to Bi Bim Bap too!

Have a great day!