Sunday, June 19, 2005

Knitting and cooking

I finally decided upon a knitting project. I have been worrying about what to knit next. That sounds funny, but it is true. All is not right with the world unless I have a knitting project for my hands to do while I meditate on whatever. I have been thinking about making a sweater in cotton, but cotton yarn is so expensive these days it would cost $100 just to start the project. Mom reminded me yesterday on the phone that cotton is heavy and doesn't hold it's shape in knitted sweaters. She is right.

Yesterday I just gave up trying to find yarn at home I wanted to work with, and went to Michael's craft store and bought some Red Heart yarn called TLC Amore. It is light, fuzzy, nylon and acrylic, and not expensive and I'm making a lacy shawl. The green is a good color for red hair. This also might sound funny, but I've realized that when I start a project I visualize wearing it somewhere. I almost always finish what I start. I am visualizing wearing this cozy shawl at the cabin in July. It is cool in Northern New Hampsire. Whether I actually wear it there, or not, is not the point. It is the visualizing that keeps me going. And the sheer joy of knitting. It is a fun pattern, and I can even take it to Washington to work on. Now I'm happy and the world is going to be fine.

Today I am greeter at church, and then we go to the grocery store to get the ingredients for cakes and brownies I am bringing to work for a Board meeting tomorrow--my idea, and then we have company coming for a cookout this afternoon. George's son and daugher in law are coming to help him celebrate Father's Day. My plan is to let George do the cooking at the grill and I'll keep knitting!

Have a great day y'all.