Monday, June 06, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,

it's off to work I go. We had a good weekend, but I didn't get much done. George did most of the laundry, bless his little heart, and I made a new necklace that is rather dramatic and learned how to weave in jump rings to hang more bobbles from. I would imagine it is very near over the top. But I like it.

We had a good dinner on Saturday night when we went out to the rather fancy restaurant. I have changed my mind about the dinner in retrospect. For $65 per person, I would expect something other than tap water in my glass. The water tasted awful, and when George drank it, he said "Burlington's finest". I wanted to drink spring water or mineral water with lemon, and since I don't drink wine, it was pretty important to have something nice to "toast" with. Many folks were hitting the cocktail bar or having wine, so water was not important to them. I had George get me a $2.75 club soda from the bar, which made do. The service was very good, with lots of servers. The hordoeurves were passed: bacon (not done well enough) wrapped scallops, chicken strips on a stick (I'm sure they call it something else, but that is essentially what it was), and stuffed mushrooms. The main course was great, but the dessert, a coffee-ice cream stuffed puff pastry with chocolate sauce was unimaginative. I could make the whole dinner at home any night of the week. Good, but not great. The function halls were busy at this place, and unfortunately, the larger one next to our room had a Greek wedding going on with what sounded like music to belly-dance to, making it hard to hear in our room. But I'm not complaining, really I'm not. We had a very good time, and the company was delightful. George and I said that we need to go out more often!

I'm off to work. The weather is cool and cloudy again this morning after a weekend of humid 80's. I'm much better off in the cool, so no complaints here.

Have a great day. I mean that!