Sunday, June 12, 2005

The hot box

It is going to be 89 degrees today with high humidity. I am not going to church, which is un-airconditioned, and a "hot box" according to one of my church friends. George will brave the heat and the sweat, but I'm going to take the day off.

The windows of the house are sparkling clean. They hadn't been cleaned in a long time, and the housecleaners did a great job and were gone by the time we got home from our road trip. The light is shining in! When we got home, there was this lovely bouquet of flowers waiting for us as a thank you from our Wednesday night houseguest.

Mike called from Las Vegas last night and it was great to hear from him. His voice was hoarse from talking for three days. He is fine, sounded excited, and had a great time. He is coming home in a few hours on a early morning flight. As a "reporter" for Mobhnter, he had a lot of writing to do about the new EQ expansion, and it all sounds very exciting. He said he played a slot machine and lost $20 in about 8 seconds. I know that feeling. I've hardly ever had any luck on slot machines, and you seem to need a much bigger stack of twenties than I am willing to carry.

It will be a hot summer sunday here and I've got the pitcher of sweet tea ready in the kitchen. My big plans for the day include putting up the table and umbrella on the deck and reading the Sunday papers.

Have a great day.