Thursday, June 16, 2005


The name of our local ice cream place is called Socs. It is an ice cream stand that is very popular with the locals. Since it is only a mile or so from our house, and is on the way to a big shopping mall, we go there a couple of times a week. George and I have found out that if we want a cone that is manageable in size, we have to order the "kiddie" cone for $2.05. It is a huge thing, with a large scoop of ice cream barely able to stand on the cone. Last evening we had double chocolate brownie cones. They were delicious and just the pick-me-ups we needed after a tired day-after the event. They also have delicious slushes in all kinds of flavors like watermelon, canteloupe and peach. Really yummy. Italian ice is popular around Boston, where many Italians settled so long ago, and we have wonderful Italian restaurants and awfully good Italian ices.

A nice treat for a summer night. Even if it is 49 degrees.

Have a good afternoon.