Monday, June 27, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane--home again

My flight leaves at 3 and I am all packed and ready. We are going to have shrimp salad at The Fish Market and then go to the airport. We always fly out of Reagan/National because the other two airports are way too far away. Dulles is about a $75 cab ride from Arlington. I found that out the hard way one trip.

Yeterday we went to the Pentagon City Mall, and somehow, as we were all piling out of Michael's car, my camera in the case must have dropped out of the car. Bye bye camera. Luckily, it was not our digital camera, but a Canon Sureshot that I bought on Ebay because I like the view window. I had just put new film in it, so I didn't have any pictures in it. George's business card is in the case, so we will see if we ever get it back. I think it is unlikely.

We went to Hee Been, the Korean restarant, yesterday, and Mike has now put it on his list of "regular" restaurants he will go to. He loved it and it was very nice, big, great service, and delicious Bibim Bap, with about 14 dishes of appetisers brought to the table of pickles, Kim Chee, fish in hot peppers, vegetables, noodles and assundry other items. We had a great time and I am on my diet today.

Mike and Michelle surprised me with my own copy of World of Warcraft, and interactive game that they play and that a lot of my old friends who have left Everquest now play. They wanted me to have it to play with them too, and it is a stunningly beautiful game. I'm very happy to have it.

Taniko played hide and seek in a black pillowcase all evening and made everyone laugh. She liked it in that dark hidey hole. Cats are so amazingly different. Thunder would not have stood for that for one minute!

I'm happy to be going home to see kitty and George and the tomato plants. The weather is a chance of thunderstorms, and are going to be welcomed since it was excessively hot in Boston all weekend. George is going to get us a bigger air conditioner for the bedroom. He was suffering, while it was really nice in cool in Michael's house. Lucky me.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Have a great day.