Friday, June 17, 2005

The fun starts now

I'm really happy that this week is almost over. I've been so busy at work, and so stressed about the event last Tuesday, that it has taken me three days to get my head back on straight. When dealing with work and "real" life, balance is key. I am finishing the report on the fundraiser today and we more than cleared what we were suppose to bring in, so it was a great success. The goal was set very high, which for me brought on a huge case of nerves for the past month, and we made it! Yahoo. Time to breathe again. I hate to keep harping on this, but it seems that has been all that is on my mind lately. I look forward to a rest next weekend when I go to Washington DC to visit Michael.

I hope to visit my favorite restaurant in Old Town Arlington, The Fish Market, where they have Annie Mae's Summertime Shrimp Salad--shrimp salad surrounded by strawberries and cantaloup and everything very fresh. I also hope to go to our favorite Japanese restaurant Asaka, at least twice, and to another favorite of Mike's, Hops, which has really yummy cinnamon rolls and other great food. I must be hungry. It sounds like it is all about food. Actually, it is all about "not cooking". I am looking forward to watching some movies, knitting socks, and just relaxing and talking and playing EQ together. This is just the trip I need to get my mind off work for awhile.

Have a great day.