Monday, June 13, 2005

89 degrees, dewpoint 74

Yesterday was a very hot day, and George and I had the devil's own time trying to stay cool. We have two rooms in the house that were livable, and spent a lot of time trying to recover from the heat. We needed to plant the tomatoes, and we had other flowers that needed potting, and we decided to just do it. George dug out the flower bed and we planted the tomatoes, and marigolds and zinnias. Then we put little vials of fox urine around the beds to keep Chuckie the woodchuck out. We also planted dahlias in the front of the house. It was very hot work. We suffered. We drank lots of Gatorade, iced tea, Fruit 2-0 and ice water.

The humidity was the problem, and the sweat just poured off of us. I rather foolishly decided to clean out a few boxes of old stuff from the farm that had been stored in the garage, finding stuff that needed to be donated to the thrift shop, a silver tray which is now polished and in the diningroom and some baskets which will be used outside and then thrown away after the summer is over. This is stuff that I moved over 5 years ago, and most of it I don't need or have room for anymore. We'd do a little work, and then run for the air conditioning.

The birds and squirrels needed lots of water too, and we set large plastic trays out for them that we bought just for this purpose. Who needs fancy birdbaths? The birds were in them all day, and the doves especially loved bathing in them, luxuriating in the water with their wings spread out and jumping in for a splashy bath. It was fun to watch them.

Today is another day of heat and then the storms come and it will be cooler for the rest of the week. I can't wait!

Have a great Monday.