Monday, June 06, 2005

late at night

Sometimes late at night when I try to go to sleep, my head just buzzes with ideas and it takes a while for me to calm down. It seems that my days are so full and busy, that I'm still not through thinking of everything. The days just whiz by. Tomorrow is another busy day for me and a lunch meeting at MIT. It should be interesting and fun and I'm looking forward to it and wish I could drop off to sleep as easily as George does.

We were sent some pictures of the party the other night, and George is shown in one of them as he got up to speak about the guest of honor in a little funny speech. He did a great job and I was very proud of him. He was all warm with the effort when he sat down again, and he took off his jacket to cool off. It was a brave thing, to get up and be funny off the cuff, so to speak.

Have a calm, relaxing evening, and I'll see you tomorrow.