Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good morning!

It is 60 degrees this morning and much cooler. I am happy at last. We went to bed last night and both of us thought the other person was going to shut out the lights, so this morning the den is all lit up and the TV, air conditioner and fans have been going all night. It is nice and cool. Kitty should have told us, but she was probably in here watching the late show and enjoying the air conditioning.

No sign of Chuckie. I think the foxes have scared him off. Usually he is in the driveway eating the birdseed at least a few mornings each week, but we have not seen him in a month. The tomatoes are thriving, and it is time to pinch off the suckers. Last year Chuckie ate the tiny tomato plants and we had to plant them all over again. This year they are happily growing an inch a day at least. I planted morning glories to go up a trellis in the back of the house and Martha Stewart green zinnias in front of the tomatoes. We'll see how those work. The seed package sure was pretty.

Not much new today. Looking forward to the Fourth of July weekend and the Boston Pops.

Have a great day.