Friday, June 10, 2005

Hazy Lazy Summer

I am going to work on having a great summer and do all kinds of summer things. It seems the life just whizzes by, and we need to really make relaxing a high priority. This is my summer To Do List. I am going to take time to do these things:

sit on the lawnchair and read a book
run through the sprinkler
read one book every week at least
go for a day at the beach at least twice
eat lobster sandwiches at Revere beach
read my New Yorker on the lawn chair
read the Sunday funny papers
wear sandals to work every day
drink more sweet tea
take walks at the forest preserve
feed the ducks
go fishing
wear a hat every day

This looks like a good list to me. I have a lot of lovely straw hats, but sometimes I feel self conscious and don't wear them. That is very silly. I should be able to wear what I want at my age. I am not a red hat society lady, but I understand the principle. George and I love to go to the ocean, but to go to the beach it takes planning. Our favorite beach, Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea, is a private beach with no parking. If we go there we will have to take the train or park a mile away and walk. It is worth it. We need to do it. Gloucester has a couple of lovely beaches too, with ample parking, but you need to get there in the morning. I am very careful about sun and always take a beach umbrella. No sunburn for me.

Our summer vacation this year is to the cabin in Northern New Hampshire, where we read, fish, hike, grill our dinners and go moose watching. It is only one month away and I can't wait! In two weeks I will go to visit Michael in Alexandria, and I can't wait for that either! Things are looking up.

Summer is here. It is 85 degrees here today and sunny. I'm very excited about the weekend when I can start on my list.

Have a great day.