Thursday, February 10, 2005

This and That

George and I went to church last night. I practiced with the bell choir and he worked in the church office. As Financial Secretary, he has a lot to do each week. Then we went to the service afterwards and were the ushers. It is a good place for me to be and I enjoyed being there with my friends and people I trust. I said a special prayer for my mom, who is still not well and is going to the doctor again today.

George and I are planning to go visit Michael next weekend, flying Southwest out of Manchester, NH. We just decided to go yesterday. I'm going to take the smallest bag little red wheel-on suitcase. I have noticed that I even pack heavy when I go to work, taking almost everything I think I might need during a day. I envy the women who carry tiny bags to work. I really need to make some changes with the stuff I haul around. I'll work on it.

According to the latest, a natural pesticide called falcarinol produced by carrots to protect the root vegetable from fungal diseases may be a potent cancer fighter, reducing malignancies in rats by a third. Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are important in our diet, but making sure we get enough fresh veggies isn't easy. I try to cook them every night for dinner, but getting them into the lunch menu is much harder. I brought a banana and an orange to work today, but didn't have time to cook up a bunch of broccoli or fresh carrots this morning!

The snow we were expecting in Boston today is not going to happen. It is rainy and cold and grey instead. Maybe a little sleet tonight, but nothing to write home about.

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to eat your carrots.