Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday morning

Needless to say, everyone here is very excited about the Patriots and are pretty certain they will win tonight. But, of course, being New Englanders, we don't give up our little pea of pessimism easily. We just hope hard. I noticed in the airports yesterday that all the news was of the Eagles. I think the Patriots are just too far away, or maybe people don't want them to win because they won before. Everyone likes an underdog. We'll see tonight won't we? I think Brady and the team have shown what a "team" sport football is. The old days of drinking, grandstanding and hoopla that used to surround the super bowl teams is past...for now. They stick with the program, say the right things, and work hard. I'm very proud of the Patriots!

I am taking up the collection for the Souper Bowl of Caring...which collected several million dollars for local aid last year though 15,000 organizations in the world. Our church gives about $250 each year at the Souper Bowl to help our local food pantry. [We collected $233 this morning and that was met with matching funds from the foundation committee: a total of $466 to the local food pantry. People gave generously and it was great.]

Now Go Pats!