Thursday, February 24, 2005

Snow advisory

We are waking up again to a snow advisory. Here in Boston, when they say we are going to get weather, they usually know for sure. When I lived in Chicago, it seemed that the weather was much less predictable. When they say we are going to get 5" of snow tonight it is time to get the snow shovel out. George is going to come home to snowblow the neighbors driveway across the street. They are in Jamaica and coming home on Friday night. He has an airplane club meeting tonight and I'm going to stay in and hope for his safe return.

We have had 61 inches of snow in Boston so far this winter. It is no wonder that my mind is wandering to future plans for the garden. This is the type of winter that sells garden catalogs. We have new landscaping opportunities this year, since the new house went up next door and they cut down all the big trees. We have "abundant sunshine", and lots of opportunities for new flowering trees and new gardens. I looked at the grocery store for amarylis to put in the house or a flowering plant for the diningroom table, but everything looked like Valentine leftovers so nothing was very appealing.

I had the time to read the Boston Globe this morning and found a fun article on the "art" of knitting socks. As every sock-knitter knows, you have to be crazy to spend hours on something you can buy at Target in one minute for $3.00.

Today is lunch at a Japanese restaurant with my friend Dave and a race home after work to beat the snowstorm.

Have a sunny day and think Spring!