Saturday, February 12, 2005

Orchids in the snow

George left early to go to his office and finish up some projects. I have an unexpected free Saturday morning, and gosh does that sound good. I can always use more time for organizing stuff and getting into hobbies and maybe even reading a little. Not to mention the pull of Everquest, the online multi-player game that Mike and I play. I can always finds lots to do here at home.

I have found that buying an orchid is really a good investment. This orchid is from the local Home Depot, and cost less than $20. It is like the Everready Bunny, it just goes and goes. I have had this one since late Summer. All they require is enough water to dampen the soil, and they even are lenient about getting dry once in a while. I have mine in the window of the den, and although it is not the warmest place in the house, the orchid seems to thrive there. The blossoms are very long-lasting and this one is now sending up a brand new shoot with tiny blossoms.

Last Sunday in our church bulletin there was a suggestion about putting a bowl of flowering bulbs on your table, to watch them through the Lenten season as we prepare for Easter. I am going to get an amarylis today. Watching those huge flowers come up and then spring to life is really fun. I took one to the office last year and we all enjoyed it. It blossomed into a glorious bright red splash of cheer. These hardy flowers are a reminder that dispite the snow, the cold and the icy sidewalks of winter, Spring is indeed on it's way.

Do I sound wistful for a little warm weather?